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November 10, 2013 - Enough to Career Problems

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                            Colossians 3:23-24


     40% of Americans say they “hate their jobs”. 2 million Americans quit their job every month. People are vastly more qualified and yet less and less satisfied. The average American will make 5 to 7 career changes in their life-times. At the same time, many people are looking for jobs in order to put food on the table and pay the bills. People are having career problems… this very week we saw a pro-football player walk away from millions of dollars because of being harassed in his work place. We are a nation of people who have career problems and problems with our careers! Isn’t it time to say ENOUGH!!!!!

    In Colossians 3, the Word of God is giving instructions to Christian households regarding Christian living. The Apostle was showing these new and maturing Christians that the Lord could transform their way of thinking and living in such a way that even their work could be for the Lord! Can ours? Can we say ENOUGH to career problems?



  The Lord created each and every one of us for specific reasons and for specific purposes. He geared us for relationship to Him… to love.. to serve.. and to carry out a specific mission and ministry in the world. Our “vocation” (calling) is part of who we are created to be! The Lord has a reason for giving us the gifts, the talents, the passions, and the opportunities He gives us. These reasons go far beyond a pay-check or a “job”. Our real “work” is a vocation, a ministry, a calling… that’s why the Word says… “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.”

Enough of seeing our work as just a job…… Our work is a CALLING…It is our ministry!


    Mary was a lady in a congregation I served who had a real heart for ministry, especially counseling ministry. She had a tough life financially: Her husband is legally blind, they live in low income government housing, and money is always tight. Mary has some physical limitations, and because of that she can’t drive, which severely limits her opportunities to work. Mary does have a Christian counseling degree which she obtained by overcoming a lot of obstacles, but because of her life situation, a job in that field has been impossible to find. She pays her families bills by working at the “Family Dollar” store.

  Mary was very frustrated, and came to talk to me about her “calling” to counseling ministry. She knew that God had created her to help people with their problems.. to give wise and Biblical counsel. She said, “ My calling and my training are just being wasted.” But then we looked at it a different way. I asked, “how many people come through your check-out line in a shift?” She answered and we determined, that each and every day she works she gets to meet and establish some sort of relationship and trust with many, many people. “How many of those people are facing a crisis?” What if you intentionally built these relationships  to the point where you could give Christian counsel? You could do what God created you to do in that place. What if you could live out your calling in your work-place?” Mary did just that, and the family dollar store was no longer just a job…. It was her place of ministry. IT BECAME ENOUGH!




 For many people, work and career are all about the “benefits”. Pay raise-promotion-Title-Office-Perks, etc…is what their life is all about. They ride the career roller coaster: happy when the boss is happy… crushed when she isn’t. People’s idea of success and even their self-worth depends solely on the “earthly-rewards” the job can provide.   ENOUGH OF THAT!

The Bible shows us that earthly rewards don’t last… but heavenly rewards do! The Word says, “ Since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward…” Our real reward, is not a raise in pay… or a new title in the corporation…or a new stripe on our uniform sleeve. The work we do for the Lord brings a much greater and longer lasting reward: a promotion into heaven!


  Ron was a young man who grew up in Appalachia. He had a hard life: poor family, very few job prospects, and tough circumstances. The life of many in Appalachia. Ron was a bright student, who excelled in the mission school he attended, got a scholarship for college and then medical school. Ron finished so high in his class, that he could have specialized in any field, and could have made millions of dollars throughout the course of his career, but he didn’t. He became a practicing family care physician and he went back to Appalachia to serve. He never made a fortune, many times not even being paid for the “doctoring” he did. He established a free Christian medical clinic in the deep parts of the mountains, and he dispensed not only medicine, “ but a lot of Jesus as well”. While attending a re-union of his medical school classes, he saw his colleagues, those who had finished behind him. He saw their fancy cars and suits and pictures of their practices and homes and boats. One colleague asked, “ Ron, do you regret your decision to go back to the hills to practice? You know you left a lot of money on the table to do that.” Ron smiled and said, “ My rewards are a lot more than green pieces of paper…”

Enough of seeking only earthly rewards!



 Each of the gifts, the talents, the passions, and the opportunities we have… has been given to us by God, and He expects us to use them for God.

 The most important thing we can do in this world is to use what God has given us for His glory! Why? Because when we serve Him… the effects last into eternity. Serving self (living life for that which is worldly) doesn’t  last!

That’s why the Bible says, “ It is the Lord Christ you are serving”. Enough to serving self….. Serve Jesus!


  In the military, we have what is called the “Chain of Command”. This is a system of authority in which we answer to: direct supervisors, who answer to their direct supervisor, who answer to their direct supervisor on up. So, when I was in the Navy, I would answer to the watch supervisor, who would answer to the chief, who would answer to the division officer, to the commanding officer of the ship, to the admiral of the fleet, to the chief of Naval Operations, to the Secretary of Defense, who answers to the Commander-in Chief (president) who answers to the Constitution of the United States of America, which represents the American people. But even with that chain of command in place… even with an oath to “protect and defend the constitution of the United States of America”as a Christian in the military… I served an even higher authority! The highest in my chain of command, is the Lord Himself. So I tried to not only serve my country… but  to serve the Lord while doing it! The orders I received and some that I gave while in the military have long been forgotten…. But the men whom I led to Jesus while I was in the military will live forever in Heaven. ENOUGH TO SERVING SELF…. SERVE JESUS!


  I don’t know where you fit in when it comes to those people who “hate their jobs” or who just want to quit. I don’t know if you are looking for work or have more work than you want…. But I do know this. We can say “ENOUGH” to career problems.




                 You will see that that is ENOUGH!


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