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A Miracle Named Sonny...

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                       A MIRACLE NAMED SONNY……..

  The song “live like you were dying” popped silently into my head as I heard Sonny’s story. We were at a laundromat on a Saturday morning as a part of Radcliff United Methodist church's “Hope and Soap” ministry… paying for peoples laundry, talking, connecting and especially listening, when I met Lisa. She was taking clothes out of the dryer, and as I introduced myself and we began to chat, she made an incredible statement. “My husband is facing terminal cancer”.  For a moment I was taken aback, and then I said, “I’m so sorry to hear that. What’s his name, I would love to pray for him”. She let me know his name is Sonny and “he’s out in the car”.  I went out to talk with him, explained that I am a pastor and would like to pray for him. He got out of the car, came into that laundromat and absolutely rocked my world!

   See, a short time before, Sonny was hurting in his back, so he went to the doctor. He walked into that office hurting in his back…. He walked out being diagnosed with stage four terminal cancer. “My whole world was shaken, then”, Sonny said. But “my faith is strong”. Sonny then described some of the fear, the treatments, and worry that had been a part of such a diagnosis. It was interesting, that as he described the fear that had been there….it was no longer present in his voice, his face, or his demeanor. Sonny went on to say that before this diagnosis, he “had been a sinner,” and “never been into the church stuff much”. But with a smile, he said, “but that’s not the case now. The Holy Spirit is in me, and I love the Lord and I pray all the time. I’m not afraid to die”. Pointing to Lisa, Sonny said, “We pray together all the time”.  There was no fear. No worry. Just strong faith… There in that laundromat, Sonny and Lisa and I prayed. I gave him our church card, and he gave me his number.

   Later that night, I felt compelled to call Sonny and tell him how inspiring he and Lisa were to me and I invited him to be my guest at the church anytime. “I would love to have you tell your story, Sonny”. Sonny said, he would be glad to do that sometime, but “Probably not tomorrow” (remember this was Saturday night)  he said.  As we hung up, I prayed that the Lord would open the doors for Sonny to come and share at just the right time.

   Early Sunday morning, as I was alone in the church, I received a call. Sonny said, “Darren. I’ve thought about this and prayed, and I think the Lord wants me to share in church today.”. My heart was racing and tears were falling as I said, “come on”.

Sonny came… and as we began the preaching with the question, “ who would you die for,  I began to describe that those who are really following Jesus aren’t afraid to die… I started to tell the congregation about this incredible man named Sonny…. And then I invited Sonny up to tell his story.  As he shared his story…as he told the congregation that “he had only been given six months to live” and that “he had been a sinner but now God’s Spirit was in Him”  as Sonny stood there physically weak, but spiritually strong and proclaimed,  I’m not afraid.  I will Live with God and die for God” our lives were changed. We experienced what following Jesus really meant. As the invitation was given, the altar was full, and God was glorified. On that day, we experienced a miracle named Sonny. Praise be to God! 
~Pastor Darren


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