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Horse Sense: A Good Trip - May 4, 2014

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                             “A GOOD TRIP”

                               Hebrews 12:1


                         **HAVE A GOOD TRIP**

  That is what Jockey after Jockey, and owner after owner, and race fan after race fan says to each other before a horse race. It’s like a ball-player saying “good game” or an actor saying “break a leg”. It means “ run a good race”…. “Be safe”… “Run Hard”….. “Finish well”.  For a race-horse to “have a good trip” is a good thing.  “Having a Good Trip” is also a good thing for those of us who follow Jesus. So the question is, What makes for a “good trip” in this race called life?

        Hebrews 12:1 speaks to us, (those who are following Jesus or those who want to follow Jesus) and it tells us how to make a “Good Trip” through life. The Bible uses the imagery, that we who live in Kentucky know so well , (especially during derby time) of a race. It describes a life of following Jesus as “The race marked out for us”. If this life of following Christ really is like a “Race”, then how can we have a “Good Trip”.



  There are Christian people in my life and in your life who are always “Cheering us On”. They are those moms and grandma’s who prayed for us long before we knew we even needed Jesus. They are those Christian Fathers or Grandfathers or Pastors or Camp Counselors who showed us what it means to be both strong and Godly. Those people cheering us on are the Sunday School teachers who give time and energy to teach us all about Jesus. They are the brothers and sisters in our church family who cry with us and love us even when we are pretty tough to love!

You need to know that even in the toughest of times…even when Jesus seems so far away… you have people who are cheering you on! That’s why the Word says, “ Since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses”… We can have a “good trip” because we have people cheering us on and helping us out!



 Megan Vogel was a Junior runner from West-Liberty High School. She was running the 3,200 meters race, when another runner, Arden Mcmath, a sophomore from a different school, collapsed in front of her with only about 20 meters to go in the race. Instead of going on, passing her, and winning the race, Meghan stopped, helped pick Arden up, and carried her across the finish line, even making sure that Arden crossed the line ahead of her.  The 1000’s of spectators stood and cheered as they saw this great act of sportsmanship and mercy. Many spoke afterwards of how they would be inspired to help others.


Friends, as you run this race called life… realize that there are people who are praying and helping and loving you…and will help you cross the finish line! We can “Have a Good Trip” because we have people cheering us on!



   There are many things that can weigh us down in the Christian life. Those things we have done wrong in the past, bring hurt and regret and guilt. The hurts we have suffered at the hands of life and other people can make us bitter and resentful. The temptations we face and fall to can frustrate us and make us give up. Our “hurts” and “habits” and “hang-ups” can easily trip us and enslave us and Knock us out of the race!  Sin will cripple us….. so turn away from it! Throw it off! Let it go!  As the Word says, “ …. Let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles”.

Throw off that which hurts….. and you will have a good trip!


    Do you know what the average size of a jockey is in horse racing? It is between 109 and 121 lbs. Why so small? Because, the folks in horse racing know, that it doesn’t matter how big and strong and fast a horse is… If he has to carry to much weight…he won’t run a good race!

  Sin…hurt… temptations… can weigh us down. Throw them off and run your race!



   It’s easy to start off strong… but its also easy to finish weak. (or not finish at all)!

There are many moments where it would be so easy to simply “trot” and take it easy. There are circumstances that come our way, which make us wonder if we will ever see “the finish line”. It is very tempting to compare ourselves to other Christians, to see how god and strong and Godly they are… and to think, “ I’ll never live up to that standard, so why try?” It is easy to think that we have “arrived” in the Christian life, and so we start to take it easy, and we fail to guard our hearts! If we are not careful, we can run ourselves right out of the race!

That’s why the Scripture says, “…and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.” A “good trip” is only “good” if you cross the finish line!


       Growing up, I always played sports. Baseball, basketball, football, Tennis. Through the years I have had a lot of coaches, and I have done a lot of “conditioning” drills. “Wind-sprints”, “Laps”, “bleachers”, “gassers”, etc…One of the toughest of those drills, was called “lines”(we called them “suicides”). On the basketball and tennis courts, you would start at the base-line, and run to the free-throw (or service) line, and back, then to mid court, and back, then to the other free throw line and back, then to the other base-line and back, and then you would start again. I’ll never forget what one coach told us.. “boys, athletes run to every line, winners run past every line!” What was he saying? To win… you must finish the race!


   That is true in sports and even more true in the Christian life! Run the whole race!!!!!!!

        The Lord has a race for us to run. It’s called LIFE! It’s more important than the Kentucky Derby and the prize is found in eternity!

 People are cheering you on. Throw off that which is weighing you down. Run the whole race!

                         HAVE A GOOD TRIP!





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