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Horse Sense: The Winner's Circle - May 18, 2014

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                    THE WINNERS CIRCLE

                            Proverbs 21:31

         ** WHAT DEFINES A “WIN” IN LIFE?**

   Each and every person in this world defines a “win” in a different way.

    **   Reaching goals”, “a parking lot close to the store” “peace with your decisions” beating your opponent”, “my family” “a greeting from my dog” “healthy children” “Knowing Jesus”, “My team in the Super Bowl”, “Every Soul Saved”, “Losing 5 pounds”.

 See, we humans have our own personal version of the “winners Circle”…. But I wonder what the Lord’s would be? What does the Lord consider a “win”? Who would be in the Lord’s winners circle?

  Proverbs 21:31, is a simple proverb, with a complex depth. “ The horse is made ready for the day of battle…..” The Horse--- the things of the world---the things we rely on to bring us victory, to get us to the :winners circle” of life, don’t always do the trick! Those things we believe will bring us “wins” can’t bring the ultimate victory… as the Word goes on to tell us. It says, “ But victory rests with the Lord.”  It is the Lord who defines a “win”. It is the Lord who makes the win possible. It is the Lord who determines who will be in the “winners Circle”!  So, the question for us to consider this morning is this: Who will be in the real winners circle?



  The Lord loves us all and the Lord desires that everyone would love Him back! To know that we are truly loved for who we are by the very one who created us, is one of the greatest gifts we can ever receive. To show our love for the One who created us is one of the greatest blessings we can ever give. Being in a loving relationship with the One is the very definition of love is a “win” that will set the tone for everything else in our life.

 Look at what Jesus said in ** Matthew 22:37-40**

 Now notice verse 40, “…all the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments”. Love creates “wins” in every area of our lives!

     Love created a “win” in the life of a young man named Jess Daniels.  Jess was a kid who liked to play guitar, hang out with friends, and even smoke a little pot. He was a nice kid, whose life had been filled with a lot of trouble. Some of the “outsider” kids from a church youth group, would see Jess hanging out and so they invited him to this church. Since they were pretty much like him, since they kinda dressed the same and hung out with the same people and were willing to ask…he accepted. He came to that church, and he was loved. He wasn’t judged, or looked down on, he was loved. That church loved Jess enough to help him get free guitar lessons. They loved him enough to let him play in a praise band. They loved him enough to hire him to do some odd jobs to help him have some cash. They bought him clothes for his first summer of serving the Lord at a church camp. They helped raise money to pay for his college. They prayed for him, they encouraged him, they even kicked his butt when he needed it… they loved this kid, and his life has become a “win”! He is now serving an internship with Upton United Methodist Church as a worship leader for their new emerge service.

               Love will put you in the winner’s circle!



  We are created to serve. When the Lord formed us… He made us with a purpose in mind. He fashioned us with the right gifts, the right talents, the right personalities, to carry out our life’s mission! The Word says we are Fearfully and wonderfully made”. When we use the talents He has given us to carry out the purpose He has for us…. Then we will have victory in life! We are created to serve…and those who will serve will find victory!

  Joshua was a leader of the people of Israel and he was calling on Gods people to renew their commitment to the Lord. They had followed the Lord at one time… but the battles of life and the grind of the everyday had caused both their passion and their commitment to wane. So, in calling the people to a renewed covenant with the Lord, Joshua made a bold statement. He said, “…choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve… but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord!

Joshua knew that continued victory for both he and his family rested in serving God. Serving leads to victory!

      There was a man who was born in an obscure village. He was the child of a peasant. He never owned a home. He never wrote a book. He never went to college. He never travelled more than 200 miles from the place where He was born. He didn’t lead an army, he didn’t hold a political office, he wasn’t considered societies best or brightest…But, HE SERVED! He cared, He loved, He helped….he gave His life and he changed history! He is the centerpiece of human history and all the armies that have ever marched, and every government that has ever sat, and every king that has ever reigned, can’t hold a candle to this guy…. He is Jesus, and he won through serving!



   Good news is meant to be shared…. And Jesus is the greatest news! When we tell someone about Jesus….When we pray for the people in our lives who don’t know Him… When we invite a neighbor or a co-worker to church… when we bring a meal to the sick, or give a child a ride to Sunday school… When we do that we are more than a little “slice of religion”… We are offering Life!

 As we pour our lives into people; (learning God’s Word together,  laughing and crying with each other, praying together) we are pointing them to the One who gives eternal life… and that is the greatest victory! That is the biggest “win”!

   Jesus called us to the Winners Circle in ** Matthew 28:18-20**

When we share the Lord… people win!

   Christian, have you ever wondered what life would be like if no one had shared Jesus with you? If someone would not have prayed for you, or taken you to church, or told you about Jesus, How bad would life be? How many “losses” would you have?     

 Some people, (in fact many people) shared Jesus with me and that is why I serve the Lord today! A grandmother who prayed for me everyday… a mom who insisted “we will go to church”…Sunday school teachers and church camp counselors who taught me to follow Jesus by both word and example…. A missionary who preached at my home church…pastors who cared about me…. all these folks and many others shared Jesus with me, and I accepted Him.  That’s the greatest win!

  The greatest “wins” in life are those things that land us in the Lord’s “winners circle” in eternity!

                         ** LOVE THE LORD!

                             SERVE THE LORD!

                             SHARE THE LORD!


                      ** THAT’S A REAL WIN!**



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