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Live God Strong: You Have the Roots - June 1, 2014

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      LIVE “GOD STRONG”…. YOU HAVE THE ROOTS!      Colossians 2:6-7

        What is the difference between these two trees?


   Both trees were tall, and both looked very strong. Both faced storms… strong winds, hail, rain… But each tree’s life came out with a very different outcome. One broke, and one stood strong. What is the difference?     ROOTS! DEEP, STRONG, ROOTS!

 ** Quote about deep, strong, roots**

  Today, we start to take a look at how to live , not just “strong”… but GOD-STRONG!  Now, living “God-strong” requires the same thing that the tree that weathers the storm needs…. Deep roots!

In Colossians 2:6-7 the apostle Paul writes to believers  and shares with them (and us) what it means to Live Strong in the Lord.   (God-Strong) The Word says, “ So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in Him”.   How? What is the key? What must we do to live a God-Strong life?

                                  STRONG ROOTS!


 The strongest force in the entire universe is the very One who created it…. God almighty! Think about this; He spoke and the world came into existence. It is He who breathes life into every living thing. He is strong enough to shake the mountains, to calm the storms, to cure the diseases, to save souls, and even to beat the grave!  He is the Almighty, all knowing, all powerful God! We see His face in Jesus! He is strength incarnate!

  So, if we are going to stand strong, it only stands to reason that we should tap into the strongest power source in the universe! It only stands to reason that the ultimate strength comes from the ultimate source of power. It stands to reason that the strongest structure is built on the strongest foundation! That is why the Word says, “ …rooted and built up in Him”.


Notice the “In Him!” A life that is centered in Christ, is strong. A life centered in Christ…. It means to be connected to Him in prayer, and built up by Him through Study and application of His Word. It means to  be empowered through the fellowship of the church, and to fulfill our purposes  through service and ministry. A life centered in Jesus means that He is at the core of EVERYTHING we do, say, or think. When He is at the center… we are strong!


   When I was in the military, I was stationed on board the U.S.S. Eisenhower, which is an aircraft carrier. The Air-craft carriers  carry the most powerful fire-power in the entire Navy, and so, in a Carrier Battle Group, everything centers around the Carrier. The Subs and the Frigates keep other subs away from the Carrier. The destroyers keep enemy ships away from the carrier. The Cruisers prepare the attack area. The supply ships keep the Carrier supplies with fuel and food and ordinance. Many times, the Admirals “flag-ship” would be the carrier. Everything centered around the aircraft carrier…why?  Because, that where the military might came from! (the air-power, the bombs, the missiles etc…) As long as the battle group centered on the Carrier… it had strength!

    It’s the same way for the Christian… As long as Christ is at the Center of our lives… we will be living God-Strong!



  When we place our faith in God, we trust Him for the things we need. When we trust Him, we rely on Him. When we rely on Him, we tap into His strength, rather than our own. The more we trust… the more we rely… the more He provides… the stronger we are!

That’s why the Word says, “…strengthened in the faith as you were taught”. Trust God and you will find strength!

           My bride and I have been married for 23 years, and although our marriage is not perfect, I can confidently say that we have a “strong marriage”. It’s stronger now than when we started our life together. As each year goes by, our marriage gets stronger and I am convinced that it will continue to do so. Why? Why do I truly believe that our marriage will get stronger and stronger and stronger? It’s because of TRUST. Paula and I believe in each other. We have Faith. As I have gotten to know her more and more throughout the years…I have seen more and more of her great compassion for people, her love for the Lord, her desire to bring joy to her friends, her passion for her work with youth, and her deep and abiding care for our family. The more we’ve seen and the more we know each other’s hearts….the more trust we have. The more trust we have… the stronger our marriage is!


 It’s the same way in our relationship with Jesus. The more we know Jesus… the more we trust… the more we trust, the stronger we are!



  A thankful life…is a strong life! An “attitude of gratitude” not only helps us… but it also brings help to others. When we are grateful for the everyday things in our lives (families, home, work, friends, our Lord etc…) then we will be joyful. When we are joyful, we will be positive. When we are positive we find motivation and energy….. and energy is strength!

Thankfulness strengthens, that’s why the Word says, “ and overflowing with thankfulness.” When we are thankful… we are strong!

        Jerry Kunkel was a Methodist evangelist and Christian comedian whom God used to lead hundreds of people to Christ. When Jerry was young, he played football for a major university in Texas. One Thanksgiving, the players were helping their community by delivering meals to the less fortunate in the city. Jerry and a team-mate went to the house of a man who literally lived in a shack. He had a small table, and 1 chair. He had a cot to sleep on. He didn’t have a TV, but he did have a transistor radio. He had nothing, really…. But Jerry described how thankful this man was. He showed  those boys around his tiny shack. He went on and on about how good the Lord was to provide Him a place to live and to put food on his table. He thanked God for the food the boys brought and said, “boys the Lord always provides”. He showed them his Bible and told them to “live your life by this book”. He even gave them some little home-made wooden crosses that he made from sticks. This man had “nothing”… but he was so grateful. That gratitude changed Jerry’s life! His extreme thankfulness helped Jerry to see who God really is and how good God can be. It showed Jerry how blessed he really was, and helped Jerry to answer his call to ministry. He answered that call and led hundreds of people to Jesus! Jerry’s life was strengthened by an old man’s gratitude!



  Friends, we can live our lives in our own strength…and end up like this:    ** See Above Picture of broken tree**


Or we can put Christ at the center, go deep in faith, and be thankful in everything… and live like this: **See Above Picture of strong tree**


Strong roots make strong lives!






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